The Sawmill

Once received into our Ellesmere sawmill the harvested timbers go through tried and tested production process. Although our mills are highly automated, we still have around 90 experienced employees to ensure we can continue to offer specialised fencing to a wide range of consumers and remain dedicated to producing quality products.

We purchase softwood conifer logs from 14cm to 46cm top diameter and lengths from 2.2m up to 3.7m. The predominant species is Spruce but with a significant proportion of Pine, Larch and Douglas fir, all from UK FSC® certified resources.

Logs are pre-sorted into top diameter classes, using a combination of mechanical and electronic equipment, before input to the mills.

Our debarking line strips the bark away from the log prior to sawing. The bark is not wasted as it is an important raw material for horticultural and landscaping markets.

The main sawmill comprises highly automated milling equipment that can be set to cut within trade tolerance. This process is closely controlled by our experienced operators who will make sure each batch of debarked logs is best utilised to match its intended end use. We accumulate large quantities of falling boards which are an unsuitable grade for the fencing market but a very good grade of timber for the pallet and case industry.

On-site we have our own saw shop and fitters shop with highly experienced technicians, providing a rapid response to any break downs and ensuring minimal interruptions to production – a vital element in helping to meet our specified delivery dates.

Our sorting teams ensure only the product of the required grade is included in the finished packs of sawn timbers.

Our busy machine shop team add the finishing touches to specific timber component requirements. This includes a wide range of shape features to posts, rails, boards and cappings together with precise notching or shaping as required.