Timber Sourcing

Timber is our most versatile and adaptable construction material. Naturally beautiful and strong, yet easily worked and with a facility to effectively extend its service life with controlled preservative treatments, timber is the ideal, cost effective material for the manufacture of outdoor, in or out of ground contact fencing and landscaping products.

When harvested from responsibly managed sources with effective replantation programmes, timber is the best environment choice. Harvesting trees as they mature allows much of their carbon to be stored throughout the life of the resulting wood products, while at the same time giving the forestry industry an incentive to plant new trees in their place.

We source the majority of our softwood logs and bars from north and mid Wales, mainly Spruce but also Pine, Larch and Douglas fir. All our suppliers are Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) approved and this, together with our own purchasing and production, gives us our own FSC® chain of custody accreditation.